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The Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed originating from England. These dogs wight in at between 4 - 6 lbs. The have a brown and grey coat which consists of very long silky hairs.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a lively and intelligent dog breed which has a tendency to become very attached to its family. This dog can tolerant of children as long as they do not violate its territory. Yorkshire Terrier's are brave dogs, but unfortunately they can sometimes be too brave for their own good. This is particularly the case when it interacts with other, larger dogs. Yorkshire Terrier's get along fine with cats and other household pets. Grooming a Yorkshire Terrier can be very time consuming. Very intensive brushing and combing of the coat will be required on a daily basis. Ensure that the dog's hairs are kept out of its eyes by using either a rubber band or a bow. Loose hairs must frequently be removed from the dog's ears. The Yorkshire Terrier is a quick learner, and will respond best to consistent training. This dog can make a good breed can make a good pet as it easily adapts its exercise needs.

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