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The Whippet

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The Whippet is a small greyhound breed originating from England. This small dog breed has a shoulder height of around 17 - 20 inches. The Whippet's coat is fine and dense and comes in a variety of colors including beige, blue, roan, black, white and yellow.

This small dog breed is affectionate and intelligent. It will interact extremely well with children, but does not interact well with strangers. As they are greyhounds they well instictively chase after anything moving at a fast pace. These dogs can easily fit into a family unit as they have a great love for children and can tolerate other family pets including cats and other dogs. Grooming a whippet is a relatively easy task. The dog's claws should be trimmed to a short length and occasional brushing to remove dead hairs should be sufficient. It is important that the training of a whippet is as varied as possible however, the dog will respond best to training which involves running or racing. This dog is very active, as it is a greyhound it loves to run around and race. This small dog breed requires a large amount of exercise, more than most.

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