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The West Highland White Terrier

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The West Highland White Terrier breed originates from Scotland. With a shoulder height of around 11, they weigh in at an average of 16 and a half pounds. The West Highland White Terrier's coat is always white and is double layered. The topcoat is rough and hard, whilst the undercoat is short and soft.

This dog is playful, alert, and independent. However it is also boisterous, very extroverted and can be sometimes behave stubborn. It will interact very well with children. It can make an excellent playmate because it can handle rough play. Consistent firm training from a young age is required to avoid this dog trying to dominate other dogs. It is very important to keep this dog's coat hard. Consequently washing should be kept to a minimum. If the coat does get dirty, the hair should be allowed to dry and then be brushed out. Grooming is also minimal with the coat only needing to be hand-plucked twice a year. This dog is very active, it loves to run and play as much as possible. even though this is a small dog it will require a lot of exercise.

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