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The Welsh Terrier

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The Welsh Terrier is a small dog breed originating from Wales. These dogs have a shoulder height of around 15 inches with a hard, coat which is dense in wire hairs. The Welsh Terrier usually comes in a brown and black color.

The Welsh Terrier has an easy going character which is also reflected in its temperament. This dog is very obedient and loyal. It will bond well with a family, but is often wary of strangers. this dog will interact very well with children, cats and all other household pets. This dog will required grooming with a brush two to three times a week, and it coat will need to be plucked at least twice a year. The Welsh Terrier is a quick learner, and will respond best to consistent varied training. This dog loves to exercise and especially enjoys ball games. Try to give it as much exercise and as much time to play as possible.

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