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The Tibetan Terrier

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Another dog originating from Tibet, this breed gets along well with other household pets, including other dogs, providing proper socialization has taken place. The Tibetan Terrier is great with children, as long as they know when to leave it alone. It may attempt to dominate other dogs. This dog has boundless energy, so it enjoys activities such as agility skills trials and games of catch. The Tibetan Terrier is extremely sensitive to the tone of its master's voice, so a calm approach to training is all that is needed. These dogs are brave, noble, intelligent, and loyal to their handlers. They do have a tendency to be cautious around strangers and strongly dislike being left by themselves.

With an average shoulder height of fourteen to seventeen inches (35.5 - 43 cm}, these dogs have a long and luxurious, fine top coat that is either wavy or straight. Their under coat is very wooly and quite dense. Regular baths are highly recommended, and daily grooming with a brush is necessary to remove loose hair and prevent tangles. Their ears should be kept clean, and excessive hair around the pads of there feet must be kept trim.

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