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The Standard Poodle

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Poodles are a sensitive and intelligent breed, which is lively, playful, and eager to learn. They form close bonds with family, and get along well with other animals, dogs, and children. Visitors will usually be announced, but they are normally friendly toward them. The Giant and Standard Poodles need long walks, as well as outdoor activities such as playing catch or swimming. The Standard Poodle is especially fond of retrieving, as it has it's origins as a hunting dog. The high intelligence level of Poodles makes training a fairly simple, and they quickly learn what is being asked of them.

Poodles are officially recognized as originating from France. With a shoulder height of 35 cm - 45 cm, they weigh in at an average of 45-70 pounds. Poodles have fine, frizzy, and wooly coat. Poodles with a corded coat are rare. Acceptable colors are grey, brown, apricot, black, and white. Poodles can require a substantial investment of time and money in their grooming needs, although the amount of grooming necessary for show dogs should be left to a professional. Poodles that are not intended for show competitions are usually trimmed with the hair left longer on the head, legs, and ears. The Poodle sheds little to no hair and are generally good for allergy sufferers.

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