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The Silky Terrier

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The high intelligence level of the Silky Terrier makes it a fairly easy to train breed of dog. They are very upbeat and lively animals, which are fiercely loyal, and surprisingly protective for their small size. Silky Terriers have a good temperament, although they do need to get used to cats when they are young to avoid having them chase them later on. They are normally very affectionate with children of all ages. There is no need for a doorbell as these dogs will be sure to bark whenever visitors arrive. The exercise needs of this dog are uncomplicated as it will adapt itself to the overall physical activity level of the family.

The coat of the Silky Terrier is made of long, smooth and silky hair which is shiny when clean. There is no undercoat. Steel-blue is the most prized color. The most common color is light to dark blue-grey with brown. Regular grooming (for 15 minutes a day) with a brush and comb is required, and occasional baths are acceptable. The teeth must be checked periodically for tartar. This breed is not known for shedding. The Silky Terrier hails from Australia and has an average shoulder height of nine inches (23 cm).

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