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The Shiba Inu

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The Shiba Inu is an interesting Japanese dog with an average shoulder height of 14.25 to 15.5 inches (36.5 cm - 39.5 cm). Their outer coat is made up of short, straight hairs, while the under coat is much softer. The most common colors of the Shiba Inu can vary as widely as red, red and white, white, black, black and tan, and salt-and-pepper. The care of their coats is not too intensive, and is easily achieved by periodically removing dead hairs with a metal-toothed comb.

Shiba Inus are curious and cheerful dogs, with a reputation for being extremely watchful. They have a tendency to bond very closely with their owners. Shiba Inus are easily housebroken and have the added bonus of being infrequent barkers. They normally get along well with all living things, although they are normally reserved around children and strangers. The best approach to training is to make it seem like play time, because this dog thinks for itself and is very independent. The stamina of this breed of dog is remarkable, but being an adaptable creature, has no trouble falling in with exercise needs of the family.

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