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The Scottish Terrier

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Originally from Scotland, this breed weighs around twenty pounds and stand about ten to eleven inches (25 cm -28 cm) tall. The coat of the Scottish Terrier consists of wiry and hard hair, which needs to be hand plucked by a dog grooming professional twice every year. The chest, legs, and head are usually clipped short. At home a regular schedule of grooming with a brush and comb is preferred. The colors of a Scottish Terrier can be plain black, black with highlights, and wheat.

The over all exercise needs of this dog are generally uncomplicated, as it has a tendency to adapt itself to the overall physical activity level of the family. You should remember, though, that it is quite fond of digging. Training should be relatively easy, as long as it is carried out evenly and consistently. Scottish Terriers are fiercely independent, and this should always be respected in the training process. Scotties are known for becoming very attached to the family, are watchful and noble dogs. They have a sporty outlook on life, and always think for themselves. These dogs are naturally inclined to get along with other pets, including dogs. Scotties get along very well with children, as long as the children treat them with sufficient kindness.

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