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The Schipperke

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The Schipperke, from the European country of Belgium, has an average shoulder height of ten to thirteen inches. Their coat is abundant and dense, with longer hair on the neck, shoulders, chest and back of rear legs. It is recommended to comb or brush their coat regularly with a firm bristle brush, and to give them a dry shampoo when it is necessary.

Schipperkes have an alert and loyal character, and is known to be insatiably inquisitive. These dogs will impress you with its extremely personable ways and abounding energy. The breeds temperament shows it to be a positive dog, exhibiting very intense likes and dislikes, and is actually capable of making a decision about a situation. The breed is fond of children if it is properly supervised and socialized. Schipperkes will frequently attach itself to the children of the family, and become their loving, loyal and watchful companion. Training must begin early as he is intelligent, curious and stubborn and does not like to come when he is called. Although they are equally suited for city or country living, Schipperke do best with a fenced back yard and plenty of room to exercise.

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