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Being an easy going and straightforward breed of dog, Pugs get along quite well with children, other dogs, and any other household pets .They are highly sociable animals, and are known for their intelligence and calm nature. These dog may, however, get jealous should its owner ever show any signs of ignoring it. Since Pugs are extremely sensitive to the tone of their master's voice, it is necessary to be always gentle when training this breed.

Pugs absolutely love to romp and play outside, as long as the weather is favorable. It is important to always ensure that they have a cool place to spend the day if it the weather is very hot. Originating from England, these lovable dogs have an average shoulder height of 13.75 inches (35 cm}, and a weight of about fifteen to sixteen pounds. Their coat consists mainly short hairs, and can have colors in the range of black, beige, or even silver. One defining criteria for this breed is that they must have a black mask on their face. Caring for a pug is not difficult, although loose hairs will need to be removed occasionally with a rubber brush, and a special lotion needs to be applied to their facial creases.

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