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The Pomeranian

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The high intelligence level of this breed tends to make training a fairly easy experience for most owners. Pomeranians do have a tendency to bark, and so should be trained early in life to not bark more than a few times when there are visitors or if the doorbell happens to ring. As far as exercise goes, short walks and regular playing sessions in the yard are usually sufficient enough activities to keep most Pomeranians happy. These are energetic dogs, who are very intelligent and eager to learn. Although they are known to display fierce loyalty to its family, they don't tend to enjoy very much attention from children. This dog does, however, get along quite well with other dogs and household pets.

Hailing from Germany, the Pomeranian's colors can range anywhere from orange, to black, brown, white, or grey. Their coat consists of hair which is long and straight, and includes a thick undercoat. The Pomeranian's coat should have a light combing schedule of every three weeks or so, followed by periodic light brushings. It is important to note that excessive grooming can damage the undercoat. Pomeranians come in two sizes, with the smaller version having a shoulder height of 7 - 8 inches, while the larger type stands at a shoulder height of 9 - 11 inches.

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