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The Patterdale Terrier

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The Patterdale Terrier hails from the country of England. It is a somewhat smaller breed of dog, with an average shoulder height of only ten to thirteen inches. It's coat consists of dense and coarse hair which may appear smooth or broken. Generally accepted colors vary from black and tan, to chocolate, red, or even plain black. The Patterdale Terrier is not difficult to care for, requiring only occasional grooming with a brush and a comb.

The Patterdale Terrier is a very playful and outgoing breed of dog. They are known to be smart, and they like to keep themselves occupied. If they have been properly socialized at an early age, this breed will prove to be good with children and other animals. They are a highly energetic breed will definitely need more than two short walks every day to keep them happy and content. Wide-open spaces are the preferred playing ground for these dogs, where they can have unlimited freedom to romp and run. Because the Patterdale is a Terrier, which is known for it's independence, a consistent and a firm approach to training is necessary.

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