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The Norwich Terrier

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Originating from the country of England, the Norwich Terrier is a very small dog, with a shoulder height of a mere ten inches, and a grand weight of only ten to twelve pounds. The coat of the Norwich Terrier is medium in length, which is waterproof, and tends to be somewhat shaggy. Their coats can either be of a wiry or straight texture. Norwich Terriers are relatively easy to groom, although frequent combing and brushing is required. They will also need occasional baths, but only when absolutely necessary.

The Norwich Terrier is an extremely affectionate dog, and has a well known reputation for being quite courageous. They are a very active and well balanced breed of dog, and does not have a tendency to display much nervousness. They are known to be loving, and get along well with children. Norwich Terriers need activities to occupy their time, and will dig holes and bark if they are left outside alone for long periods of time with nothing to do. They are fairly easy to train but do require a lot of consistency. They are only moderately active indoors, which allows them to be fine in apartment as long as they get sufficient exercise.

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