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The Manchester Terrier

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Usually consisting of a black and tan coat, the Manchester Terrier is a short, sleek, and shiny breed of dog which originates from England. These dogs are known to be very high-spirited, and their intelligence and cunning makes them highly prized among dog owners. Manchester Terriers have a tendency to only bark in times of danger. They are a smaller dog, standing in with a shoulder height of only fifteen inches - sixteen inches (38 - 41 cm).

The Manchester Terrier has a reputation for learning quite quickly. It consistently does extremely well in obedience trials. Due to their high level of energy, this breed demands plenty of exercise. It is important to take them for regular daily walks. As well it is necessary to give them plenty of opportunities to run and play off the leash. They get along well with children, but may they try to dominate other dogs. The Manchester Terrier needs to be socialized with cats and other household pets at a young age. Despite their size, they make excellent watchdogs. A rubber brush should be used to remove dead and loose hairs. Their ears need to be kept clean, and claws must be kept short.

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