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The Keeshond

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The Keeshond is a barge dog hailing from The Netherlands, and is a medium sized dog with an average shoulder height of eighteen inches (forty six cm) Although this dog is known to be quite a prolific barker, they eager learners, with an upbeat attitude. Owners will note that they are a watchful and loyal breed. They do need to be introduced to cats at a young age, in order to prevent them from becoming mortal enemies. They have no trouble getting along well with children, although they will bark at strangers. The high intelligence of the Keeshond makes for a fairly easy training routine. The exercise needs of this dog are also quite uncomplicated, being happy with a few short daily walks, and will adapt itself well to the general physical activity level of it's family.

Keeshonds needs to be brushed and combed regularly when they are shedding. Other than that, combing and grooming should be kept to a bare minimum. The under coat consists of thick hair, with a longer covering over coat. Keeshonds can come in a variety of colors, including grey, black, brown, or white.

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