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The Japanese Spitz

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This breed of dog with the interesting name hails from the country of Japan. Standing with a shoulder height of twenty to twenty four inches (51 - 60 cm}, the Japanese Spitz is a medium sized dog adorned with a thick coat of hair. It's fur is medium in length with a thick under coat of straight hair. One of the great benefits of the Japanese Spitz is that it's coat is self-cleaning, although regular grooming with a brush and comb to remove dead hair is required.

While it does take a considerable amount of patience, understanding, and consistency to train the Japanese Spitz, the rewards are worth it, as this breed of dog is known to be curious and lively. The Japanese Spitz makes a very good watchdog, because it barks infrequently, and only when necessary. These dogs get along quite well with other dogs, and play well with children, although they do have a tendency to bark when visitors come around. The Japanese Spitz is at it's happiest when it has the opportunity to get plenty of outdoor exercise.

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