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The Japanese Chin

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The Japanese Chin, despite it's name, is actually from China. Their coat consists of hair which is long and soft and should generally not be curly. The most common colors of the Japanese Chin are black and white, or even red and white. They require a regular grooming schedule with a brush and a comb at least twice every week. In order to keep the coat white, the Japanese Chin needs to be washed periodically. Their shoulder height is an average 7.75 inches - 9.75 inches (20 cm - 25 cm.

Although this highly active breed of dog enjoys all sorts of activities such as running, romping, and playing, it is quite adaptable, and very well suited for apartment living. Japanese Chins have a reputation for being affectionate, playful, and cheerful dogs, which very much enjoy being the center of attention, but they do not have a tendency to bark often. This breed is not fond of extremely rough handling by children or larger dogs. Overall, though, it gets along with just about all living creatures. You should keep in mind that this dog is known to have a slight stubbornness about it. However, there should be no difficulty training Japanese Chins.

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