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The Italian Greyhound

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The Italian Greyhound gets along very well with all other dogs and household pets, including cats. They are fine with children, provided that the children know not to try and treat the dog as a toy. They also get along very well with each other, and it is a not a bad idea to have more than one Italian Greyhound. This breed learns very quickly, although it may try to have its own way and occasionally will be a bad doggy, so consistency in training is necessary. Italian Greyhounds have an average shoulder height of twelve and a half to fifteen inches (32 cm - 38 cm).

Very little grooming is required for this breed. Simply wipe the dog with a cloth occasionally to make the coat shine, and check the teeth regularly for tartar. Until it is eighteen months old, the bones are quite fragile and it can break a leg rather easily. Their coat consists of fine, short hair, and the color is often slate, black, or greyish yellow, occasionally with white on the chest and feet. There are flecked versions, but not all countries consider them acceptable. Italian Greyhounds are affectionate, cheerful, active and intelligent. This breed needs frequent opportunities to run freely in a large enclosed area.

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