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The Havanese

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The Havanese is quite an interesting looking dog whose dubious roots go back to either Cuba or the Mediterranean. Havanese dogs are a somewhat small breed with an average shoulder height of only eight and a half inches to eleven and a half inches. These dogs have a tendency to be very intelligent and happy-go-lucky. They also have a reputation for being lively and extremely playful. Havanese dogs get along quite well with children of all ages and other pets, including other dogs. They are known to do well in just about any social situation. Havanese dogs are very eager to please, but positive reinforcement tends to work best when training them.

One of the advantages of these dogs is that the coat of the Havanese is non-shedding. This breed can come in a variety of colors including cream, chocolate, pure white, or even combinations of several colors. Their coat requires a regular brushing schedule, although the hair is not normally clipped. Havanese dogs are easy to care for in that their need for exercise are average at most. If you can manage to take it for short walks once or twice a day, you will find your Havanese will be more than happy.

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