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The Field Spaniel

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The Field Spaniel is first and foremost a field dog, so it is best suited overall for outdoor activities. However, it is a highly adaptable dog as well, and easily conforms to the physical activity level of its family. Field Spaniels are gentle and affectionate, and their high intelligence level allows them to learn quickly. They react strongly to the sound of their master's voice, so training must be kind and consistent. Field Spaniels are friendly to everyone, even though they may tend to become more attached to one member of the family than others. They are good with children, provided the children do not play too rough with them.

This English breed of Spaniel will need to visit a professional groomer about every three months. Dead hairs need to be hand-plucked on a fairly regular basis. The ears especially must be kept clean. Field Spaniels have a coat that is shiny, wavy and somewhat water resistant. Most common colors of this breed are brown, yellow-brown, mahogany, or black, sometimes including markings of white or tan. Average shoulder height of Field Spaniels approximately eighteen inches (46 cm)

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