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The Chinese Crested

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The Chinese Crested breed of dog is, as it's name implies, a dog with an interesting coat from the country of China. There are two varieties of the Chinese Crested dog. One is a nearly hairless variety which has hair only to be found on it's feet, ears, head, and the very tip of it's tail. This variety needs special care due to it's bare skin, and needs regular applications with exfoliating creams and moisturizing lotions. They should also be kept out of the sun as much as possible, or if they do spend a day at the park, be sure to give them the protection of sunscreen. The other variety is known as a "Powder Puff" which is much easier to care for, although they do require frequent washing and occasional brushing. Their coat consists of an undercoat beneath a topcoat that is silky.

Chinese Crested dogs are high-spirited, playful, and sensitive. Although they can be territorial and suspicious of strangers, they play well with children, as well as any other dogs or household pets. They are intelligent dogs which are easy to train. Chinese Crested dogs adapt easily to the physical activity level of the family, and are more than happy with three walks daily. These unique dogs have a shoulder height of only 9 inches to 13 inches (23 cm - 33 cm).

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