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The Chihuahua

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The Chihuahua is an intelligent little dog from Mexico, which is sometimes a little too brave for it's own good. These feisty, lovable creatures are very loyal, although normally they tend to bond with only one person. Due to their diminutive size, they are not usually trained extensively, although they are alert and eager to learn. Standing in at a shoulder height of only 6 inches to 9 inches (15 cm - 23 cm}, and weighing anywhere from one to five and a half pounds, Chihuahuas can easily find enough room for exercise just by running around inside the house. They get along as well with other dogs and household pets as they do with children, who often have a tendency to treat them as toys.

Chihuahuas do require a little maintenance and grooming. Their teeth must be checked regularly for any buildup of tartar and their claws must be kept trimmed. Despite the standard Chihuahua appearance depicted by dogs in the advertising world, Chihuahuas are actually available in a variety of colors, and with coats that can be either short or long. Chihuahuas benefit from a regular grooming schedule with a comb and a brush.

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