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The Cairn Terrier

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Cairn Terriers are highly energetic dogs from Scotland, which love to romp and play freely. They can run and jump around for hours, but you should also be sure that your dog is trained to come at your command before giving him free reign of the whole countryside. Cairn Terriers are highly intelligent dogs, and well known for their eagerness to learn. The most effective training for Cairn Terriers is a loving and gentle approach, but you must be sure to be consistent and strict at the same time. While their playful liveliness makes these dogs a favorite among children and adults alike, they must be associated with cats other pets at an early age. Although they are gentle dogs, they have sometimes been known to show aggression with other dogs.

The Cairn Terrier's coat consist of two unique layers. The top coat is abundant mass of relatively hard fur. The under coat is soft, and short. The Cairn Terrier benefits greatly from a regular brushing schedule, and twice every year their coat should be plucked by hand to remove any dead hair. Cairn's can weigh in anywhere from 13.25 lbs to 16.25 pounds, and have an average shoulder height of 11 inches to 12.25 inches (28 cm to 31 cm).

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