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The Bull Terrier

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The Bull Terrier breed originates from England. This small dog breed has a shoulder height of around 20 - 22 inches. The Bull Terrier's coat is generally white, but can also be black and tan, red, broken black, and fawn. Bull Terriers are independent minded and are extremely lively. As long as it is socialized from a very young age, this breed will get along well with other pets, and children. Bull Terrier's may try to dominate other dog's so would not make an ideal second dog in the household.

Bull Terrier's ears need to be kept clean at all times, and a rubber brush should be used to remove old dead hairs. Bull terriers absolutely love to play. Try to give this dog as much regular playtimes as possible. They only require a moderate amount of exercise, so long walks are not necessary.

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