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The Border Terrier

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The Border Terrier breed originates from England. This small dog breed has a shoulder height of around 13.5 inches. The Border Terrier has a hard and thick coat with a very dense undercoat and is often red, grey, or brown in color. Like other terriers, the Border Terrier is a tenacious dog which can occasionally display a stubborn attitude. This breed can make a suitable pet as it will interact well with children and other pets, but should always be conditioned to do so from an early age.

The Border Terrier should be groomed once a week. Its coat should be plucked occasionally, but should not be trimmed. The Border is keen to learn and therefore can be trained quickly and easily. This dog breed is very active and will not be satisfied by only three short walks a day. Try to give it as much time to run and play outside as possible.

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