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The Border Collie

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The Border Collie breed originates from Great Britain. This small dog breed has a shoulder height of around 20 - 22 inches. The Border Collie's coat is generally black and white in color with a shiny, thick, medium length undercoat. The Border Collie is an intelligent, brave dog which is also very hardworking. Border Collie's form a close bond to its family so therefore gets along very well with children. As long as it is occupied it will also get along well with other pets.

The Border Collie's coat needs to be brushed at least once a week. The Border Collie is an intelligent dog breed so training should be relatively easy. This dog needs to be kept active with work, otherwise it may become badly behaved. As it is a sheepdog in origin it requires specific tasks to make it happy. Try to give this dog as much times outside as possible.

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