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The Beagle

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The Beagle breed originates from England. This small dog breed has a shoulder height of around 13 - 16 inches. The Beagle is generally brown and white in color with a short weather-proof coat. The Beagle is an independent dog breed which is also cheerful and sociable. Beagles tend to get along with other household pets, strangers, and children, but socialization from an early age is highly recommended.

The Beagle's coat needs to be brushed regularly and its ears should be kept clean at all times. The Beagle should be trained from an early age to install obedience into its temperament. The Beagle is an indepent hunting dog which loves the great outdoors. Try to give it as much time as possible outside, take it for regular walks, give it frequent playtimes, and as much exercise as possible.

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