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The Australian Cattle Dog

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As the name suggests, this breed of dog originates from Australia. This small dog breed has a shoulder height ranging between 46 and 51cm. The Australian Cattle Dog has a short, coarse outer coat which is resistant to weathering, and a short thick inner coat. The Australian Cattle dog's coat can come in a variety of colors.

If responsibly trained when young the Australian Cattle Dog will have an ideal temperament towards other dogs and small children. This dog breed is intelligent and loyal and may only rarely bark. Consistent training is required, however, this dog is a quick learner, so commands will be understood within a short time. Grooming an Australian Cattle Dog is a simple task. Occasional grooming with a brush will be sufficient. This dog requires plenty of regular activity. Take it for short walks at least three times a day, provide it with regular playtimes and simple tasks such as fetch.

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